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Jormungandr - Day 15 Live-Channeling

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Because it was summer solstice and a new moon, I met a few of my "witchy" friends and two guests for a night of good talks – and live channeling! The following text is a transcript from audio. I thought about leaving this text out of this blog long and hard, but I wanted to show you what it's like when people get to ask one of my interview partners a question. It fascinates me to no end that Jormungandr said SO MUCH to D. and M., two women I had never met before. After the session, they both confirmed that this was valid, invaluable information to them.

T: [goes into trance.] I'm in front of a beautiful temple now. The world serpent is already here. It is as big and as beautiful as ever. We are both standing on a little creek. Everything looks and feels like an oasis. Although there is no pond, there's the creek for beautiful, clean water. The serpent looks onto the water and says:

"Look at this creek, and you will see yourselves."

T: Dear serpent, as you can see, I brought some people with me today. [To the other women]: The mental image of every one of you is standing next to me, meaning you are indeed PRESENT here. Maybe you can even hear the water run along. Everything is beautiful and green here, with palm trees and flowers. Behind the oasis, the desert begins.

Jormungandr: I told you to get your temple together. I told you to get the women back. And here you are, so thank you. Each one of you can look into this water now. See yourself and ask me a question that comes very clearly to your heart. If she would like to, A. can start.

A.: Dang it! [She obviously doesn't want to start, but does it anyway.] How do I dissolve the last hurdle or blockade?

J: Water always flows over pebbles, not under them. Remember this sentence. But sometimes, it can help to just get out of the stream completely and to let the stones be stones.

T: V. can now ask a question.

V: What is my purpose?

J: [slightly unnerved] The Elves have told you. They were right when they said that you are a connector, but you think of this in a mechanical way, although you know you should not. In reality, a connector knows no bounds. It is not a thing, it is a concept. A connector has no limits of what goes in and what comes out, and direction does not matter either. You can have one million things going in from one side and one million things coming out the other side. You might not even realize that you helped, but you did. You are right in going out and wanting to connect to everyone and everything. There was something the Elves said to you about limiting yourself. They said your mind wanders [actual wording back then: "Your friend's mind is cluttered"] and that it should not. I think it should. But: It will take longer. But taking longer means you can reach goals you cannot see from your standpoint now. That's because they are added. They are more. These goals are broader than what you're trying now and what the Elves would have you try. In the end, whether you choose to focus or not focus, the outcome is the same, because what steers you, steers you well. In an all-encompassing way. You are never limited to one cause. One theme. One subject. One thought. Because no one thought can be separated from another in All-that-is. Does this answer your question?

V: It does, thank you.

J: [Looks at D., one of the women I'm meeting for the first time] You may ask your question now.

D: Will I ever feel like I'm enough for myself?

J: The question you're asking is not actually 'Can I believe in myself'? but rather 'Can I believe' – period! You don't believe in me yet, and that's okay. You have no reason to. Do you know the game of chances?

D: No.

J: The game of chances plays out in your mind and goes like this: Imagine you are a spark of Energy. ONE tiny spark in a universe so vast that no brain could invent it and that no measuring concept can measure it. How can it be, that this tiny spark managed it to land here? Out of myriads of galaxies, planets, continents, countries, cities, streets and houses, you are right here, right now. The chances of a spark accomplishing this is indescribable. The chance is zero, mathematically speaking. Chance says, you actually can't be here.

[T. has trouble finding the right words.]

I'm sorry. The mathematics says you are not actually here. But there is one thing mathematicians don't know, and that is, that this spark has a WILL, and it wills to be here. That's what 'faith' actually means. This knowledge. So, if you can believe that your will has steered you since the Big Bang and every day and every second since then, and if you can believe, that it beats maths and coincidence every second because you really ARE here, then it should be much easier to have faith in yourself and believe in yourself – just as you are right now. After all, the biggest accomplishment of all, you have already mastered. You are here! There is not a single spark in the universe, that has accomplished exactly that which you have accomplished. That knows exactly what you know. Or that will perform exactly the way you do. If you can believe in these facts, then you've accomplished everything.

D: Thank you.

T: Wait a second, there is another sentence that goes with this one. That is: Cross out the word "coincidence" from your vocabulary. Just assume from now on, that the things termed "coincidences" are really not coincidences. They are timed too perfectly. This is how you end up at the "statistics of belief."


T (looking at M.): What are you feeling right now? What are you thinking right now?

[At this point I felt a huge wave of energy coming my way. I perceived it as rage.]

M: I just feel that there is so much more that needs to be said to D. This cannot be all.

J: This is absolutely right, but I can only repeat myself: EVERYONE with a deep interest in knowing yourself should spend at least 30-40 minutes every day alone in quiet contemplation listening to your SELF. I also believe, that you, dear M., are pushing me away. It feels like you're standing in this oasis with arms crossed, pushing back every feeling that comes your way. Am I wrong?

M: I don't know what you mean.

J: You repel me. What do you feel in your chest? Around your heart? Right now?

M: I feel it somewhere else.

J: Where?

M: In my back.

J: If you were asked to name this feeling, what would it be called?

M: A pressure. Tension. ... Grief.

J: You tell me, that I have not been here for you, and to that, I can only say: I am. I was. Always. There was never a time when you walked alone. That is not in God's plan. That is not, what All-that-is (a.k.a. God) does. It felt like loneliness to you, and for that, we are sorry. Many people feel like this. You don't get taught how to connect to us. And that is sinful. Humans have had the audacity to keep their children from us. You even talked about that a few minutes ago. You might very well imagine what a life in disbelief looks and feels like – and again, we are sorry for that. But we cannot force ourselves on you. We are not allowed to. Yet, there will always, always, ALWAYS be help if you ask for it. There is no magnet without a pull and there is no prayer without an answer. That is impossible. [Pause.] Ask me something else.

M: What is my goal? What should I focus on?

J: Is there a part of your career which involves children?

M: No.

J: Are you sometimes surrounded by children?

M: No.

J: ... Care for someone weaker than you without feeling weak yourself. I will not specify who that is. But you will know. Don't push the messenger though. [I still get these strong waves of emotion.]

.... So much .... rage in one person ... can bring complete armies down.

Sit with yourself and FEEL this feeling you described. Let it travel and spread. It will feel like sickness at first. But if you don't allow it to spread through your body, it will never find its goal and THAT, IN TURN, will actually make you sick. Be very thorough with this and don't write it off. What is locked inside your body keeps you from feeling joyous. Ask for help, but NOT from the outside. This IS a health-related issue, but the outside world cannot and will not help you in this. It is NOT a curse and nobody put it there, but it is your riddle to solve. Are you still .... sad?

[No audible answer. She most probably signalled us to move on.]

J: I invite you all to drink from this water now. Just imagine it being the cleanest, coldest, best, and tastiest water you will ever drink. The water from this oasis can help you find your way back here. It may look different. I might not be here. But that is not of importance. Someone else will be here to answer your questions. Enjoy the sunset now, as I will from my temple. Goodbye for now.

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