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Jormungandr - Day 18

[Tag 16 und 17 - no sessions.]

The world serpent is back – lucky me! It seems to be in a good mood, I can see it slither around on my porch. But some things are different, too. Jormungandr shows himself so small now, he has the size of a small normal snake. This version of him also behaves differently, almost comical. He comes up to me, puts his tail end to his mouth as if he was thinking hard about something, then uses it to press down on my keyboard keys. He is much more Sir Hiss [Disney's Robin Hood] that man-eating monster from Norse mythology. That's new!

T: Is the other part gone?

J: Yes. Reintegrated, you could say.

T: That's fascinating.

J: It's not more fascinating than anything else in the universe. Birth, death. Splitting, reintegrating. It's the eternal circle. It's ...

T: Balance!

J: Yes. You understand better now.

T: I hope so. Thank you, Jormungandr. For the things you cleared up for the other women.

J: Thank YOU for giving all this energy that evening. You were tired, and rightfully so. It takes a toll to go so deep. To meet me this far "up", this near to my realm. Don't worry about the last two days. Yes, I took an oath from you – to TRY to listen to me for 30 consecutive days. And you did TRY. You do everything I asked ... well, almost. [He grins at me and taps my wrist. I'm not wearing my golden snake wristband.]

T: Oops. Sorry.

J: No worries.

T: Can I ask you something? Did you send all this money my way? My new job? The side hustle for my friend V.?

J: Well, you seem to need it at the moment. [I had to pay for a costly auto repair indeed!] The Elves – in the end – sent you much more by the stroke of their hands. I didn't want to short-change you.

T: That's nice of you, thank you very much! By the way, can we maybe talk about this material and where it needs to go? I'm worried about writing it down under my own name. How do I decide where to publish this?

J: Well, that depends on how many people you can imagine reaching. Why do you think Anna [the author whose book started all of this] did it?

T: That's not fair. She has published material like this before ... She's more experienced.

J: Do you think this material you have here is in any way worth less than her teachings?

T: No, of course not ... I just daydreamed of a pen name and an elaborate disguise or mask.

J: These are means to an end, but they are also means of the past. There are reasons why the best teachers of today are the normal ones. The touchable ones. Your new acquaintances for example, M. and D.? They would never have gone to a shaman, a soothsayer, or a fortune-teller. The hurdle is just too high. Of course, I'm talking about a hurdle in people's MINDS now, but they still are powerful barriers for change. And as I have told you, and the Elves have told you, and really everyone has told you of late, we desperately need change! And while change may start with one small step of the wannabe-believer, it first needs a 'small' step on the part of the wannabe-priest. REVELATION is a nice word when it's in a holy book, but it IS the basis of faith. Reveal yourself and all the good of the universe shall come to you.

T: This is a big step for me.

J: Of course it is a big step for the already burned witch to show herself again. Do it anyway.

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