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Jormungandr - Day 19


My "placement" technique brought me to a beautiful old forest today. The mental image of Jormungandr was quick to arrive, too. He showed himself bigger than me again, which doesn't worry me any more. He arrived directly after I had said: 'Every benign being is welcome to contact me.' I still do that sometimes. Not to attract others but as a general safety rule.

J: [jokingly] Forgot me so fast?

[He arranges a pair of glasses on his nose.]

T: Sorry! What's up with the glasses?

J: I don't know, I just like it. Don't I look smart?

T: You are so strange. Funny, but strange.

J: Well, I'm a very playful part of Jormungandr. And this is the precise reason why humans always get us wrong. They believe that Jesus ALWAYS has to be SO serious and that most spirits are ALWAYS nice and polite. But when you talk to us, and we are IN PART ... in-story ... we can be everything and anything. We can be sad when person 1 meets us and joyous when person 2 meets us. It's useless to label us. That, however, does not change the importance of our messages. A happy movie and a sad story CAN teach you the same valuable lesson.

T: I've thought about art some more. I realize now that you use songs and pictures and bits of movies to reference something – because a picture is worth 1.000 words and a small piece of acting of a gesture is worth a million words. Can you tell me more about this?

J: You are very right about this. It is simply easier to reference something that is already in your mind. You are used to the concepts in your mind. You already 'digested' them. Do you remember the shock you felt when you first met me? I was an almost completely new concept to you – and I scared you. Putting something NEW into a human's head is an enormous endeavour. It takes energy. That's why art is absolutely crucial to your spiritual survival and evolution. It's why, when you want to destroy a people, you burn its books and banish its language. NEVER underestimate the power of a book, whether it is filled with more texts or more pictures.

Deep down, artists know this. They (mostly) understand that the gain for them is having manifested a certain thought or emotion. It's the opposite of quick money and fame – those are simply other masters teaching you other things.

T: I know, I always sing the same old song, but HOW can I publish this? I'm at a loss.

J: Well, normally you write it down, read over it again, give it to someone and then put it up for sale, right?

T: Right.

J: Then I think you should write it down, read over it again, give it to someone and then put it up for sale!

T: Give me a title. I guess there will be one Elven book and one about you?

J: That would make sense, yes. Call it 'A visit from the Elves' and 'A visit from the Midgard Snake.' It will one day look very nice on a shelf, you know?

T: You really know how to scare and baffle me, you know that?

J: Why? This feels SO natural to you that you didn't even realize we're nearing the 20.000 words and that you have TWO books in the making now.

T: No, I really had no idea. That's why it felt so simple.

J: It IS simple. Just stop overthinking this. You know, for most people, getting the message is the hard part! You're lucky! As you heard today, you never even needed plant substances to reach us! [I had just seen an extremely interesting TED talk from US journalist Michael Pollen concerning drugs and spirituality.] Your brain is specifically wired to GET YOU HIGH – in every sense of the word. Through art and – as you know – especially through sound and music.

T: This ... this is a trait of all highly sensitive people ...

J: Of course it is. We breed our messengers in different ways, and this is one.

T: I want to talk more about this topic tomorrow, okay? Our time is up.

J: If that's what you wish, I'll answer gladly. Why should I not? It's time you learned what you are in every way possible. Goodbye for now!

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