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Jormungandr - Day 20


My first thought today was: "When art is balanced, art is dead."

My placement technique quickly brought me to a medieval-looking village, Salem vibes included. Creepy! Some more pictures came to mind: pitchforks, torture, witches, death. Since my day up to that point had been everything but pleasant [typical fight with my husband concerning science vs. faith], I just said: "No. Just ... no. I cannot stomach this today. Sorry. I need to go somewhere else."

[The world serpent approached me and was puzzled, to put it mildly.]

J: But this would be the lesson for today. This village is the reason why you can't stand violence. It's why the TV show 'Handmaid's Tale' triggered you SO MUCH you almost went insane. It's the reason I prevented you from visiting a concentration camp in school – and it's the reason why your husband feels so strongly about fanatics.

T: Really? I was a white woman in a white village? That's kind of ... boring and improbable.

J: It's your favourite form, you don't need to blame me for this. Come here.

[He put his forehead against mine again and sent me loads of energy. We stayed like this for a little while, so I could just take a breath.]

T: Thank you. Tell me: Why do I sometimes see a Japanese woman in a kimono when I think of my soul?

J: You really don't want to stay in this village, eh?

T: No, sorry. Not today.

J: Then let me just say this: Your husband was in this village with you. Only he was not your husband then. He was your child. He saw what happened to the likes of you ... the 'witches'. When he speaks out against fanatics – and against witches – he is repeating one of his deepest and most profound life lessons. 'Don't burn anyone, and don't give them any reason to burn you.'

T: But I can't live like this! I can't live a life void of magic. If I'm forced to do that, I might as well not live at all.

J: That's why you detest his viewpoint. You hate that he wants to save you.

T: But witches no longer get burned!

J: Oh, really? Does life (and social media) not prove differently every day? Okay, today people get 'grilled', 'bullied', 'shitstormed' or 'put in their place'. Isn't that a modern witch hunt?

T: Who is the Japanese woman?

J: She was a scholar. Her words mattered ... up to a point. Then someone wanted her out of the way. You can maybe imagine how easy that was in a patriarchal society in elevenhundredandsomething?

T: Her name?

J: Kesiga(n)(g)i Yamamoto. This is written as heard, of course. You will also find out that this name [Yamamoto] has an older form. But you won't find her. She was erased from the scientific history books – like SO MANY others. It's why you know for a fact that science is useless. It can't save you.

T: Well, neither could magic, huh?

J: Nothing can, once the mind of the masses is set on something. I told you in the very beginning:




T: I'm sorry, our time is up. But thank you. I understand better now.

J: Goodbye.

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