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Jormungandr - Day 22


Day 21 - no session

T: [thinking about treasure hunting apps, camping, new stories, ...]

Ideas, ideas, .... so many ideas!

[Jormungandr comes nearer and rests his forehead on mine again.]

T: I’m so glad you're here. Sorry about yesterday. There was just too much going through my head.

J: Don't be sorry. It was a grace period if you will. Digestion of the mind.

T: Tell me something. When you explained the things about my husband and my past life, you opened up my chakras, right? Because I opened up to him again. That hadn't really been the case in days, if not weeks.

J: It's not that simple, but opened chakras were the end result, yes. I had to. After all, those are 'my' chakras. My realm & responsibility. The Elves opened your throat, so you would SPEAK OUT, but this part was my job.

T: Oh, man. If you are responsible for chakras 1+2 and the Elves are responsible for my 5th chakra ... then I'll probably meet the entities for chakra 3,4, 6, and 7 too, am I right?

J: Yes. All within the year.

T: Jesus!!

J: [jokingly] No, he has nothing to do with that.

T: You know what I mean .... Will I see you after our time is over next week?

J: If you wish to, yes. And if I need to, I will send signs. Misalignment of chakra 1+2 in you could be met by meeting a lot of snakes in your daily life ...

T: You said you are the aspect of balance, but chakra 1 is about grounding connections to the earth. About roots. How does that fit together?

J: I was the only one who could do a little grounding work with you without you putting your guard up. Do you know how many women actually enjoy the grounding concept of a home, kids, family life? SAME principle, different pictures. But you would have gone running. I needed other pictures. YOU needed other pictures! So I showed you the temple. Your then-family. And how you went for walks to be alone. To think. You still walk when you are very troubled or sad. And there is no shame in needing to get out to think! But what would be the use in starting to walk and never coming back? That's not balance, either. And if you worry about money, all of us have told you before: You can have it all at once!

It’s absolutely true that in all stages of my life I have thought about starting to walk/drive and never looking back more often than I’m willing to admit right now. That’s why off-grid living will be quite a prominent theme throughout this series. In the end, these topics fit perfectly into our time. It’s in the Zeitgeist, as Germans say. [Zeit = time, Geist = mind]. The time for these thoughts and concepts has come, in every form imaginable.

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