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Jormungandr - Day 24


[I lighted my new tiny terrace fire for the first time today. The world serpent's reaction came swiftly.]

J: Again with the snake repellant.

T: Sorry!

J: I told you, I am a water being. I share a frequency with water. It is neutral, and so am I.

T: Tell me about other elemental beings.

J: You think of us far too picturesquely. An earth being is most probably NOT made of earth and I do not live in the ocean (like the Viking lore says). Actually, I have never lived. Not here, not anywhere in the physical earth dimensions. Others have, and do.

T: Name another water creature. Please.

J: For conversation's sake, let's take the ever-loved mermaids. They do not exist ... here. Not any more, and they were never here bodily. They do exist in other versions of Earth's space/time. They are a frequency, they have to exist. And humans DO glimpse into the travelling frequencies from other dimensions. That's why the lore is un-killable. Dragons also. They are not water beings though.

T: Are they fire?

J: No. Confusing, I know. They are earth beings. You were told about the frequencies of the earth. The grids and fields. The aura of the earth. The earth's aura has frequency levels just like your chakras do. Look up the elements. Throat chakra for example is air. The Elves are AIR beings.

[I tried sorting the elements to their corresponding chakras, but it was difficult. Mostly because there are two different schools of chakra colours to begin with! Sometimes the 7th chakra is purple, sometimes white. Sometimes fire is supposed to be the first chakra, then the element earth. Unnerving!]

T: I looked it up. But everybody says differently! I hate when this happens!

J: Listen to me then:

Element Part of the Earth Thought

1 fire molten core »I have force«

2 earth stone »I have roots«

3 water oceans »I flow«

4 light/love rays of sunlight »I shine & am shone upon«

5 air air »I speak«

6 ether upper atmosphere »I strive upwards«

7 pure energy universe »I am All-that-is«

You humans always say the earth is your basis. But really, it is not. Earth's molten core is the heart of your existence and the BURN of her brother – the sun – makes your earthly life possible. These corresponding sentences – and the emotions and problems arising from them – make clear, how the system works.

T: Why do so many people have it wrong, then?

J: Guesswork is guesswork. And it doesn't improve over the centuries.

T: Wow, that's not nice.

J: [grinning] I'm only third chakra, I don't have to be perfectly nice and loving.

T: Ha! But in earnest: If you are a water being, why are you caring for chakras 1 & 2 – fire and earth?

J: If I were not on 'step' 3, how should I oversee and teach students on step 1 & 2?

T: I guess that makes sense.

J: Don't guess any more. There is no time and no need for that any more.

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