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Jormungandr - Day 2


It was a bit difficult to get in today because I was pretty exhausted. I had been hiking. But at some point, the connection was there and the snake immediately said: "You're too tired. It's hard to work with a tired person. "

T: [quips] Well, send me some adrenaline then.

I probably shouldn't have done THAT! Because suddenly, the giant snake head in front of me extended two neck sails and scared me half to death! But hey ... it worked. [By the way, I'm always freezing cold when I'm channeling the world serpent].

I'm not sure when this being had had its last conversation with a human, because it said quite surprised: "Oh, look. That really does work."

And because the situation was already so completely crazy, I said, "Do you do that thing with the tongue?"

J: No. There is nothing around me that I am not aware of. I don't need a sensory reading through hissing. That would be of no use to me whatsoever.

T: Tell me some more about yourself.

J: I am a loner. Also, I am absolutely free. No one in their right mind tells a snake what to do.

T: *shivers*

J: My vibration is low. You perceive that as cold. Do you remember? I told you that I split the earth into polar opposites. I am also the one who can make it whole again. If mankind wants to cross the threshold into a new age, that will not be possible without connecting to my energy. These days, you have developed a tendency to want the highest frequencies. To talk only to the highest frequencies. But you will need all parts of the spectrum to evolve. This is the part no one wants to hear. Make peace with the murderers. Seek your shadows. Denying them has gotten you nowhere since the renaissance!

T: How do we incorporate more of you into our lives?

[Timer expired. From here on, it was sadly really hard to concentrate.]

J: Acknowledge evil. (struggles with words.) 'Evil' cannot be eradicated from your planet. This fight is useless. A waste of energy. You can only decide to be no part of it. Here's the thing: There is NOTHING you as an individual can do to help or prevent ascention. Not in your daily, physical routines anyway (burn rainforests, eat meat). Not eating meat for example – but still craving it – is not ascension. THANKING DEATH however, for it gives you life? Now THAT is a powerful tool of evolvement.

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