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Jormungandr - Day 3


To get into the mood for channeling, I recited my "Artist's Prayer" today [see Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way"!] I repeated, that I would only allow benevolent beings of high frequencies to contact me. Just a little precaution, I have up until now never actually met anything truly evil - except in real-life humans!

Since my own "Artist's Prayer" is something unique, deeply personal, and should not be shared with others, I will not write it out here. I will tell you, however, that it includes this sentence: "I give in to create what unsettles me most. I walk my path. I invite all benevolent voices to teach me ..."

J: Yeah, yeah. Benevolent and such. You do realize that I do the angel's dirty work? I have to affect Earth, so I need to be present here. Oh, and by the way, I still vibrate higher than you. So much for the low-frequency beings. There is nothing lower than humans in your kind of soul category. [animals, minerals etc. have their own soul categories.] I am responsible for your base chakras – your lowest desires. Being without a body, just thought form, that still technically makes me an 'angel'.

T: Wow!!

J: Yes. Now, you wonder which chakra the Elves stand for. They are communicators. Blue chakra. Throat chakra. YOUR most active chakra in this life. That is no coincidence. Every ritual the Elves have is one of communication.

[Apocalyptica – Fade to Black plays in my ears. The world serpent is pleased. Cellos and dark sounds.]

J: Next time, have men chanting. Buddhist monks. Dark voices. Drums.

T: [thinks about frequencies for a while]

J: You really know nothing of my energy.

Yes, I tend to your human cravings. To life's very basics. Sex. Food. Roots. But I, as a being, do NOT crave any of this. You just depict me like that!

J: I am the symbol of satisfied desires. I make you feel alive ... sometimes painfully so." (loss, schock, losing roots, being left)

[Something happens outside my scope of perception.]

"I must take leave now!"

And gone was Jormungandr! No worries, I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about tomorrow.

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