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Jormungandr - Day 4


My "placement" [the questions "Where should I go today and what should I learn?"] brought me to the Dead Sea today. Most probably because I was hearing the soundtrack from the film "HOME". There is a haunting song in there called "Dead Seas". I stood there in my mind and looked from the desertlike stretch of lang over the water. After a little while, the huge serpent approached me from behind and stopped next to me.

J: Isn't it divine? Beautiful and deadly. For not everything under the sun can be nourishing.

[The world serpent enjoys the song "Epi" from the soundtrack. An asian monk and a muezzin sing together in it.]

J: Just sit with me. Look at the sea. Today, we enjoy the blessings even a 'dead' ocean can provide. Music. Creativity. Scenery.

[For a moment, we just sit in silence.]

J: Chasing life will bring you death. Admiring death will help you enjoy life.

T: Did I? Chase life?

J: No. Nor did you have to. To blessed and balanced people, life will come on its own. It is drawn to them. No need to chase.

T: I feel like your sentences are shallow, but the message is deep.

J: Deeper than this ocean, child. You know nothing of polarity as long as these sentences still surprise you.

T: I'm sorry. It seems I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes I feel afraid that the Elves will not talk to me again. Not in our current 30 days of work and not afterward.

J: Have they not talked to you this very morning? Did you not write quite successfully?

T: I did.

J: See? They will, of course, talk to you again. But not within MY time. My 40 minutes x 30 days, set apart from the business of life by you. We have an agreement, and they will honour this. Will have to honour this. They are bound.

T: By what?

J: Their word. Balance. Divinity. Call it what you will.

T: What is the most important message today?

J: Everything has two sides. You experience this now. Your husband angers you, you anger him. No innocents in this game. But: There is a concept without this duality. Without karma on its heels. This concept is called INTUITION. True intuition shows you the karma-free way. A way to act so you won't burden yourself (or others) with energetic baggage/luggage.

T: [stares in disbelief.]

J: You continue to doubt my words! Irritating!

T: I'm sorry. But you read my mind, that is irritating, too!

J: Touché.

T: You just wanted to use the french word 'bagages' over the english word 'baggage'. Now 'touché'. Are you a french snake?

J: I am a Babylonian snake – I speak ANY and EVERY language known to the universes. I am the Divider. I split the whole into parts, so they may experience separated-ness.

T: I'm sorry, I don't know the lore of Babylon very well.

J: Yes. Frustrating. I was in the tower of Babylon when civilisation crumbled at its feet. I was in the library of Alexandria when all magic scrolls of mankind were cindered. [II honestly had to google that last word, I only knew the noun 'cinder'. I found out that the word 'cindered' was "influenced by OLD FRENCH word 'cendre' = ashes and the Middle English word 'sinder'." It's very rare for me to learn something actually new. Usually, my contacts stick to words I actually know well.]

T: Why?

J: Because I honour duality. I hold it in such high regard that I can physically act on it. I sunk the island of Atlantis and the ship of every conqueror you shall never read about. Such is my power.

T: Are you Death, then?

J: No. Death needs no helper. Death will unify, never truly divide. Division through death is an illusion. You know that. I am what manifests change on the planetary scale.

T: You ... you sent us the coronavirus?

J: Send did I nothing. But I will say that I ... helped it over ledges, were there difficult ones to climb. I am no liar, so I will confess to this. And do people not already thank me for it?

T: Yes, they do. I do. I have to confess. But all of this sounds SO crazy!

J: It is not my job to make it sound nice. Or to bite it into size for you. Or to put beauty where there is none.

[My timer goes off.]

T: Farewell now. Till tomorrow. THANK YOU, this was great!!

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