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Jormungandr - Day 5


Today I closed my eyes and - bam! - the world serpent started talking. No intro, no nothing.

J: Humans have become even stronger than me. YOU make the storms now. A strike of your finger changes an area. A country. A world. You have become stronger than Jormungandr. But: This is NOT good. I serve the greater good. The balance. You do not. You either have no plan or an egotistical one. You have become menaces.

Homo homini lupus.

All this for a system that serves no one. A speed that your own bodies cannot uphold. But I remind you. Often. You take stupid/illicit/nonsensical actions ... I give you consequences. I serve you your own waste with the next flood. I take down your villas. I teach you utmost humility. You can be SO good, SO logical and SO deserving of my gifts when you are humble.

T: [I have to think about my dear friend D.; I wanted to talk to her.]

J: I like your friend. I 'get' her. She is an explorer. You are not.

T: Can you please elaborate?

J: A musician explores sound energy. A painter explores colour energy. Your friend explores space energy.

T: I don't understand.

J: If you plant both feet on the ground, you feel a certain way. If you walk on a ship or a moving bus, you feel that. You feel the space around you. Now, your mind experiences space, too. It matters greatly whether you stand on Mars or on earth – even astrally.

Space exploration is not reserved for strong men in white suits and rockets. Most space explorers live a very quiet life. Secluded. No cameras. No fame. I envy them, for I am bound here. I am the most earthbound creature you will ever meet.

T: [We sit in silence for a moment.] What is the most important message of today?

J: Don't worry if some days yield nothing. [No messages, no texts.] We cannot share everything on every day. There are windows of opportunity. Of time. And schedules – because you have linear time. Traps of thought. [If you tell someone: Don't think of a pink elephant right now, guess what they'll think about.]

I don't know why exactly it happened, but I guess Jormungandr wanted to show me his little trick – because he suddenly licked my face! From the sternum up my throat and up to my chin. That was crazy. Even crazier was the effect this had on my physical body – because I couldn't move any longer and stopped writing. Didn't want to do anything, either. There was, however, a great calmness coming over me. This is what it must feel like to take sleeping pills or similar drugs, I guess. A few minutes later, everything was over and my timer went off. I came back to my senses and rushed to the phone to call D. to tell her everything. And you most probably guessed it: She said the words of the world serpent make absolute sense to her.

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