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Jormungandr - Day 8

[Day 7 - no session. I fell asleep!]


After the botched (?) session yesterday, today I got my connection without any trouble whatsoever. I closed my eyes, and the world serpent showed itself. Its head was framed by the entrance of a temple. I realised I was standing in a sort of desert, but directly next to the temple, there was a little oasis with a pond. The temple had hieroglyphs and statues like the old Egyptian ones have them.

T: Why this setup? Why this temple?

J: Just come in. There is a lot to talk about.

T: I'm sorry about yesterday. I slept for an hour straight! Was I with you even for a short while? I can't remember anything.

J: You were. Remembering is not the most important part of the task.

T: By the way, my friend D. sends greetings.

J: So I heard.

T: What happened yesterday?

J: A lot.

T: Why this temple?

J: You really have no idea who you are, do you?

T: I fear I don't.

J: Does that not constitute a very strange life?

T: Well, it's everything I know.

J: Huh.

T: Who am I? Does it have to do with this temple? It looks Egyptian.

J: It is. You were "once" – not meaning 'only one time' – born into temple life. Hot, sandy, but empathic. Lush. Oasis-like. It's why you dance. It's why you walk. [Since the start of corona, I go for a walk almost daily. There is not much we are allowed to do anyway!] It's why you were now born in a cold country and why you need long hair to feel like yourself. The women in this temple were free, you know. Let not a person tell you differently. Some were prophets, some enjoyed the flesh, some were muses, dancing divine dances.

T: Which one was I?

J: All of them. You enjoyed several lives here, for the temple had so much to offer.

T: Who was with me back then?

J: Your sister, a temple woman through and through.

At this point, I doubted the whole thing again, I admit it. These are just too many coincidences at once. I love oriental and tribal dances since I was eight(!) years old. Whenever I watch documentaries about old Egypt, I roll my eyes and think "these guys get so much wrong!" And now all the women I currently form a sort of covent with, are supposed to have lived with me – then and there? All of this just sounds too good to be true!

J: The universe is like a giant clockwork. It contains the largest gears and the tiniest cogwheels you humans can imagine. It works perfectly. But it is invisible to you. That which you call luck, coincidence, fate etc. IS the working of this clock. You are only amazed that one tick follows after another because you have never laid eyes on this clockwork.

T: I think I understand this better now. Please go on.

J: Your friend D. lived in this temple at one time. Your other friend V. did, too. You are surrounded by priestesses (and priests). Then and now. You just need to believe it! That is why you KNOW what you need and need not do for yourself, your group, and others. You and the other women just now claim back what you have had – and rightfully so. Get your temples back together. Build new ones. No one is going to hand them to you freely. Fight for them. And then: teach balance in ALL things.

T: But I am a Scribe. I need to concentrate on this.

J: A Scribe needs loving connections, too. Sisterhood. And every temple needs a scribe. And by the way, you love teaching how to write down the unplanned, unpredictable, wise stories that spirit sends out.

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