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Jormungandr - Day 9


T: I had a very nice chat today with a guy that wants to interview me about my high sensitivity and my writing.

Jormungandr: Ah, the new impulses.

T: Hey.

J: What? You need impulses. Much more so than the next person. And by the way, I sent you those pictures of Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint Michael's Mount, you're welcome.

[I found out that there is a monastery in Cornwall much like the world-famous french monastery Mont-Saint-Michel. It's even named after the same Saint. So fascinating!]

T: Thanks!

J: My pleasure.

T: I have thought about this temple thing of yours from yesterday, you know? Looking at my life, it really does add up.

J: Of course it does. But that's not today's subject.

T: What is it, dear snake?

J: Impulses. Don't stop craving them. When you do, you die inside.

T: This rings so true to me.

J: Because it is! You detest states with lacking impulses because deep down you know this. Your old people for example. Take away their daily impulses and the mind deteriorates. It leaves more and more often, seeking impulses on the other side if there are none to be had on this plane. This worries you - the relatives -, and it should. Not because the elder people prepare for leaving altogether, but because it is YOU who short-change them.

T: I will be honest, this is a lot to stomach. Why do you tell me of these things if I don't have the capacity to change them?

J: 1) Because your grandmother was your impulse

2) Because you very much can

You are a scribe and I do not push you in a different direction. But: You receive many impulses (ideas, stories) and – in the name of balance – it is your sacred duty to pass them on to others. You manifest ideas. It is time you fully understood this. Humans create their most sound principles, techniques, and even technology (cellphones) from books and stories!!! Some people say they "steal" them, but this effect was always intended. It's how your brains work.


It's one of the biggest advantages of culture(s). Spirit needs a medium to advance culture. Said medium (you) needs a 'medium' (TV, paper, voice) to multiply spirit's messages on earth. Any and every good (and 'bad') idea on your planet needed these two stages of mediums to manifest at the right time in a fitting form.

T: Do you mean I am like N. D. Walsch? Like Dolores Cannon?

J: Why not? They are just humans who wrote something down, right?

T: You place immense pressure on my shoulders by comparing me to these names. Why do you do that?

J: You are sometimes awestruck by how many DECADES it took Dolores to do her work. Walsch was a little quicker. You, my dear, must be ten times quicker than them. It is imperative that you do not fail.

T: Do you understand what you are saying to me?

J: You want this. You were born to WANT this. We kept you safe. We kept you occupied. Furthermore, we schooled you to an extent you will not ever comprehend consciously.

TIME IS VERY MUCH OF ESSENCE FOR US. [The song 'Overproduction' from the Soundtrack HOME plays. In it, there is a clock ticking very fast.]

All this talk of timelessness has hurt our agenda to some extent. Yes, we are timeless. But we work with you in your surroundings and your linear confines.

T: So it is us who's running out of time. You can say it, it's okay. I've got used to it.

J: You are running out of time. I'm sorry. I told you. It is not MY grip I need to loosen. It is yours.

T: Give me the tool, then. Tell me the medium I need to communicate your words. Am I allowed to write this into the aether of the internet?

J: Yes. Tell every contact you know. Write to people. You know which ones. Their names float at the top of your head.

T: [My thought wander off to these snippet platforms. You post every day, people get notified about the newest bits. Like a micro-blog].

J: Do that. Be bold about the fact that this is NOT fiction. You can be anonymous about the rest. Goodbye for now. I know I ask a lot.

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