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Jormungandr - Day 1


I deliberately took my time with the "placement" today, meaning I was very careful with my starting visualization of what my surroundings look like and where I should go. I tried not to limit my thinking to the plane of the elves or the United Kingdom. Instead I hovered over the entire earth and also spent some time in the pure white space in order to influence this new part of the journey as little as possible. I already knew from the dragons that I needed to be careful with this new round of my challenge, so I tried my best. Finally something revealed itself to me ... a gigantic snake!

At first it slithered around the spot where I was standing, but it kept its distance. Of course I got scared, in 3D terms that snake must surely have been nine meters long! When it finally spoke, its voice was dark and deep, somewhere between Morla (the turtle from the Neverending Story) and a dragon. I could feel its voice resonating in my (energy) body. It said:

»Ah. For ages the mythics have waited to meet the new Elven Scribe. And now you’re here. Where the Minotaur was born, where Odysseus passaged through and where dragons lie sleeping.« [I have to admit that at the beginning of a contact, there is a time when the connection is still forming. In this timespan everything the entity says seems especially irratic or "out there" - and fictitious. That's why I'm not interpreting a lot into this first sentence.]

My head instantly filled with countless cultural references. For example, in the film "The Last Unicorn", there is the mention of a snake "that holds the whole world in its grip." Also, geologists just recently discovered a huge stone formation in a cave in England that looks like a dragon's eye. And of course, my mind was flooded with pictures of snakes that bite into their own tales. [Google later informed me that this age-old symbol is called an ouroboros. The Neverending Story features two snakes almost resembling a Yin-Yang symbol: The AURYN medallion. I was absolutely shell shocked, to say the least!

I asked: »Why me? Why now?«

This was the first crisp, crystal-clear answer: »The time of the Elves is up. They may give you more of their stories, but now it’s our turn!«

Of course I continued asking this entity what exactly it was. Although I had a pretty good idea – and a name – in my head already ... WORLD SERPENT!

World Serpent: » I am a snake by nature, yes. A healer – and also the only menace Gaia has ever known. I know that you are afraid, and you should indeed muster the utmost respect for this form of mine.«

T: What kind of wisdom do you wish to share with me?

WS: »That will all be revealed in time. For now, listen closely to the story.« [My husband and I currently read The Neverending Story to our 8-year-old before bedtime. There are no coincidences!] »Listen to the child that first is IN the story, then steps out of it. He is accompanied by a winding eternal snake that gives endless power to its wearer. He wears the AURYN, the »World Serpent«. He wears my symbol. I split the earth into light and dark, into good and evil. I am the great dragon/serpent spirit (DK) and I am present whenever dragons are born.«

T: Are you really a part of the legend of the dragonchild?

WS: » I do not meddle in your little stories, and I am indeed no friend of the Elves. The dragons reference me, yes. But I have never [physically] roamed the earth myself and I could not – not even with all the power vested in me.«

T: Will you lead me through the next 30 days?

World Serpent: »In part, yes. Similar to all the Elves, there are children of mine who require your attention over the next few weeks. Don’t be afraid of them. When you have given us the time we deserve, we will take our leave. The Challenge is so much greater than the story! You should have realized this by now.«

T: I do. And I am terribly afraid of our time together!

WS: (nicer now) »Have the Elves not given you everything you desire?«

T: They have.

WS: »Do you think that I could not?«

T (jokingly): Are you striking a deal with Eve, dear snake?

WS: (chuckles) »That I do, but no deal with us ever required giving up your soul. Your time, yes. That I want! But you have already given that to the Elves readily. So where is the difference now? My message is just as important as theirs.«

T: Can you tell me if I should share our lessons with anyone?

WS: »Not with many people, no. You are missing too many pieces of the puzzle. You have no overview – YET. I fully intend to bring that to you. I have always opened up new worlds before the eyes of humans, have I not?«

T: That you have, and I am ready to listen now. The next 30 days are yours.

WS: »That is indeed a very good deal. Look out for my sign – and start wearing it, too. The reward shall be plentiful.«

[In the following days I made an effort to buy a bracelet as well as a necklace with a winding snake. I wore these pieces of jewelry the whole month to show my respect. Normally I wear next to no jewelry apart from my wedding ring.]

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