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In the seven months of my extraordinary journey into my innermost being, I encountered (+-) seven entities that introduced themselves to me as "the aspects". They are embodiments of my personal energy and therefore the ways in which they showed themselves to me are ultimately tailored to me. Despite this fact, they talked about general topics almost every reader can relate to. Just because my "little problems" and questions are dealt with here does not mean that I do not have exactly the same questions as everyone else.

Of course, not everyone who connects with their throat chakra will meet my Elves. And not everyone who researches their rage will meet a harpy. Everyone gets their spiritual partners represented in a way that "clicks" and feel comfortable. So I just felt comfortable with these representations - because I can't do anything with the Christian idea of angels.

What the aspects "look" like? Well, they naturally do not look like anything  because they are spirit beings. Energy frequencies. What will they look like to you? Just find out!

Please note: The order presented here is important, because this is the order in which the teachers appeared to me. However, if you are a notorious cross-reader, I recommend the month of LOVE first, because it is truly beautiful. Healing, uplifting, comforting, and with incredible depth. So have fun!


Balance: Jormungandr, the World Serpent

I was scared to death when the World Serpent stood in front of me for the first time. I felt like I was in the wrong movie! But after Jormungandr's first few sentences I was also hooked. So I settled down for 30 days with the World Serpent, whom I also call "the great dragon spirit" on rare occasions and who also introduced himself to me as a being superior to the dragons. We talked about all manifestations of balance - from dementia and environmental destruction to death in general and processes within the polarities that we often (un)consciously block out. I won't disguise that this month was the most disturbing on my journey, but seemingly necessary.




Wisdom: "White" and the Council of Colours

The woman I was allowed to call "White" for simplicity's sake is one of the greatest mysteries I encountered on my journey. Although her group, the "Council of Colours", includes six other entities, she spoke to me almost exclusively. Moreover, these 30 days are the only ones during which I could not take notes with my eyes open. Because of the high vibration of the crown chakra, I had to go deeper into trance, so I made audio recordings and later transferred them into text. That is why these texts are the longest. We talked about the tasks of the Council; what distinguishes knowledge from wisdom, and about inventions that will soon be necessary. This month is and remains somewhat indescribable.

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