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The first chakra holds immense power. It holds the frequencies of security, a sense of home and being rooted, but it also stands for strength as well as justified anger and rage. In my 30 days with this energy, I saw her as a harpy - a being half woman, half bird with magnificent black wings.

She(!) decided, that we should focus our interview on RAGE. On my personal moments of justified anger, but also on the mechanism itself. She herself stayed remarkably calm through all of this, flirtatious even. That makes complete sense, since I don't believe she would achieve much going around shouting at people. As a higher being, she also has no need to shout or rage. Because of this, I was completely hooked to her every word. We had loads of fun, as strange as it sounds!

Interview month: 3/7

As soon as the other interviews are completely online, I will fill up this section. Please be patient.

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