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Just like the Harpy, I first met Lillysander - my interpretation of personified LOVE - as a"fictional" book character (see "extras!") Having her back for her interview made me sublimely happy. I can only wish for others to connect to LOVE's energy (Jesus' energy, some like to call it), so they may find what they've been looking for all along.

Of course, we talked about all things love. What she can do ... if you let her (him/it/however you please). And we talked about her natural counterpart: fear. She brought nothing but compassion and uplifting words to us as humans, but she also taught me some tough lessons regarding our "work relationship".

The spirit of LOVE wants nothing more than to be allowed entrance into your life. But it cannot break down your defences. The aspects can only knock. We are the ones who have to open our doors.

Interview month: 4/7

As soon as the other interviews are completely online, I will fill up this section. Please be patient.

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