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The Elves - Day 3


Channeling in my afternoon slump seems to be a very good idea. Anyway, my connection was good and clear today, even though my thoughts kept wandering off in between - and I also had to fetch pen and paper a few minutes in! But considering that I wrote down the core sentences with my eyes closed, they turned out quite straight and legible.

Right at the beginning I got into the meditation well, and could quickly go to Moira's and Elhin's house. In my thoughts I sent out: "Every well-meaning soul is welcome in my life and on my path." After all, I don't want to accidentally lock out someone important by keeping the focus on the elven plane all the time!

Interestingly, lots of people immediately appeared in the living room - all the "book characters" from the Dragon Child. The King, The Queen, Calenn, Lizzy, and many more. It was quite a big gathering all of a sudden! And they just said, "THANK YOU".

For writing down their story, year after year, as best I can, and putting in all this time and the tears (and money). But the next message was also clear and direct (and aimed at who I'm actually doing this for, when I hardly have any feedback or sales. They said:

"You work for us, not for your readers. We are your mark and measure, not them."

Of course, that hurt at first. Not because I had the feeling they were scolding me, but because I should have realised that earlier. They are the centre of attention. Not me, not the readers, and certainly not the money. That's what Anna Katmore (the author of Herzlicht) said to me, too.

And because I'm always, always worried about my writing speed, they told me again (I've heard this before and forgotten to write it down):

"If it took you 20 years to write down our story, then you would still have been quick."

I'm still not one hundred percent sure how that fits with their current core message ("you're running out of time!"), but that will clear up. In addition, my feeling for a few days was probably right to set myself some kind of goal for the end of my challenge. Clear statement (also from Anna):

"Dream your biggest dream! Define your perfect state of being."

So I will do that soon and write it down somewhere private. Now, seeing all of the characters right before me, I couldn't help but notice how different they all are. Even like this, all in one room, I can feel their very distinct personalities.

Trel, the Elfen Queen, said: "Each of us embodies one of your personality traits. We are your mirrors and we bring out the best - and the worst - in you. We teach you this way."

And because Ty was the only one still sitting on the floor as if he had nothing to do with this, facing away from me and playing with something, I asked what was wrong with him and why he wasn't talking to me. The answer was amazing!

M: "Ty is the message. But all the remaining pieces of the puzzle have to be in place before this this message can be fully revealed. We just haven't reached that point yet."

It came across clearly that some things will be clarified when this challenge is further advanced or finished. The parts of my current work in progress will probably come more easily and quickly then, too, because I'll get into "our zone" even easier. And then, as if all that wasn't cool enough, there was a grand finale! My question was: "What about when the dragon child is done? What then?"

And Elhin just said, broadly smiling: "Then you'll very likely reach up into the morphic field and tell an even greater story."

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