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Lillysander on love spirits: "All is not lost"

You see? Love is not only the grandest emotion of them all, but the only emotion of the soul. Sure, your brain might work up the illusion of fear. But when it dissolves? You come back to me - to the only thing you have ever known and will always know.

Ancient civilizations knew this. And yet, when darkness overwhelmed a man or a woman back then, they would - without the need for this strange honour - bow to me and pray. »Love«, they'd whisper, »oh love, never leave me!«

It sounds beautiful in Greek and Latin. It sounds just as sweet in any other language, from the child's wordless, breathy plea to the most complex philosophical scriptures of man. It always boils down to this:


oh love,

don't leave me.«

And I never will. Ahora* will be born and torn, some tossed into forever with not a soul to mourn them. But I am a part of the whole. Just like you are. I am born of you, and you are born from me. This is why I cannot leave you. And as long as there is only one Ahora walking the earth, as long as one pair of souls is coming together to create one like me...

...all is not lost.

* "Ahora" is the name for the love-spirits forming between two humans who fall in love. The novel Lillysander dictated me parts from in earlier years was sadly never finished, but some of the sentences are just too good not to share them.

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