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My Early Birds Gift - My prayer!

In the course of my journey of discovery, a prayer was dictated to me piece by piece by the aspects. I am allowed to use this to ask for the assistance of the Elves, the world serpent and my other interview partners.

I use it when I feel I can't quite get into channelling, on holidays and solstices and also when I just want to send a big fat THANK YOU to the other side. (Also excellent in combination with incense. ;) )

Of course, not everyone will feel comfortable thanking the Harpy, for example. Perhaps you will find it much easier to put the Indian names of the chakras in the right places. Or the names of angels or saints. You do you, right? And the best thing about it: I know very well (and I've also been told repeatedly) that prayers are a modular system:

What suits you, you use for yourself.

What doesn't suit you, you change!

I wish you the strength and peace to say it often - and mean it, with joy and gratitude in your heart.


1) Dear Harpy,

I draw the FIRE from the deepest point of the Earth’s core up into my feet. Into my legs. Into my hips. I know that, just as in the Earth, there is a holy fire in me, giving me the power to CHANGE everything I want.

I have FORCE, and you gave it to me. For this I am ever grateful.

2) Dear Muse,

I draw the nurturing power of the stone and SOIL through my legs up into my belly. I know that, just as in the Earth, there is a holy fertility in me, giving me the power to CREATE everything I want.

I CREATE, and you help me do it. For this I am ever grateful.

3) Dear Jormungandr,

from all the oceans and streams of the planet, I draw the balancing power of WATER into my body. I know that I am as forceful as a crashing wave and as graceful as a drop of water in the desert. Water is the ultimate teacher of balance. It always finds its path – and so will I.

I am in BALANCE, and you help me remember that. For this I am ever grateful.

4) Dear Lillysander,

from all the corners of the UNIVERSE, I draw LOVE and light into my heart and body.I know that as boundless as the universe is, so abundant is love.

I LOVE and I am loved, and you help me remember that. For this I am ever grateful.

5) Dear Elves,

from the fresh AIR above me, I draw a deep breath and fill my lungs, so I may speak my deepest truth. I know that a word transports my fiercest will and my greatest plan.

My words are the beginning of all manifestation.

I SPEAK OUT and I am heard, and you help me to regain this power. For this I am ever grateful.

6) Dear Master Kei Yu,

from all the unseen forces of the ETHER, I draw knowledge down onto my forehead.

I know that this will open my connection to all the answers I could ever desire.

I KNOW, and you taught me that. For this I am ever grateful.

7) Dear Council of Colours,

from the council of everything that is alive, from the guardians of everything that is moving and from all the ETHER of the universe, I draw eternal wisdom down onto myself, letting it crown me.

I let it spread and travel down my spine until every cell in my body remembers its divinity.

I am WISE, and you help me get wiser every day. For this I am ever grateful.

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